AOPEN 27ML1U Review (2022)


Welcome to the most in-depth and unbiased AOPEN 27ML1U Review of 2022 which is among the best AOPEN monitors. We have measured its performance across 10 factors including key features and key performance benchmarks.

AOPEN by Acer 27HC5R Pbiipx 27


  • Screen Size: 27 inch
  • Display Type: LED
  • EYE Care Technology: Yes
  • Response Time: 4 ms
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Viewing angles: 178/178 
  • Free-Sync: Yes
  • sRGB: 100%

If you are in a hurry, here is the verdict for you!

Our Verdict

The AOPEN 27ML1U is the better choice for multipurpose usage. You will enjoy the suitable combination of 27-inches large screen size, IPS display panel with 1440p screen resolution within an affordable price range.

  • IPS panel reflects better color accuracy.
  • It has a FreeSync feature.
  • Plenty of screen space.
  • Affordable price range.
  • TVR support feature.
  • Quick response time.
  • Limited height adjustments.
  • The USB port is not available.

Our Process of AOPEN 27ML1U Review

To review the product, we did thorough research from the Web, Youtube, and other forums. We especially focused on gaming performance and movies results. We also considered user reviews and opinions. Let’s dive into details!

Design of AOPEN 27ML1U

AOPEN 27ML1U Review

The AOPEN 27ML1U has a shining face and elegant body design. Which will catch your attention easily.

The AOPEN 27ML1U has the same zero frame design which is the trademark of the ACER monitors(As AOPEN is the subsidiary of ACER). You can find this kind of design in every common modern monitor screen.

You can adjust the multiple monitors together to make the desired setup of more than one monitor due to its very thin bezels. You will find a narrow black border for this monitor screen.

You can adjust the AOPEN 27ML1U monitor at an angle with your feasible placements. You can tilt it from -5 degrees to 15 degrees of angle.

You can place the monitor screen on a strong detachable stand. As the monitor screen has a detachable stand, you can easily mount it on the wall with its VESA compatibility feature.

Display Quality of AOPEN 27ML1U

The AOPEN 27ML1U has an IPS display panel. It will provide you with more vibrant and accurate colors for the screen display.

You will get a more color depth of 10bit. You will definitely enjoy the 100% sRGB color gamut.

AOPEN monitor screen did not make any compromise over screen display quality. They equipped the monitor with all necessary excellent display features.

The IPS display panel with 350cd/m2 peak brightness and 1440p screen resolution will produce astonishing results for you.

On the other hand, a suitable refresh rate of 75Hz with decent pixel density will make it up to date to give you more screen space. You don’t need upscaling for the heavy content with appropriate pixel density.

You will not find any screen tearing or backlight bleeding effects.

Active Performance of AOPEN 27ML1U

You will get a decent combination of the mid-range refresh rate of 75Hz with a Quick 4ms response time. This combination will perform in standard form and will give a little bit more energy like a boost in gameplay with more clarity.

AOPEN 27ML1U is a decent pick for movies as well. You will not be disappointed with its performance with movies content.

AOPEN 27ML1U is the better choice for you if you want to use it in medium or slow-paced games because of its refresh rate of only 75Hz.

If you want to go to competitive games then you should definitely go for a higher refresh rate of around 144Hz or more.

The quick response time of just 4ms and only 10ms input lag will not harm or fully disturbed the performance during gameplay. You will not miss any frame due to a minor lag in performance.

You can easily avoid the motion blur and ghosting effects with the help of the turbo visual response feature. 

You will lose the monitor screen maximum brightness level with the active option of backlight strobing, so don’t make it active all the time. You should definitely make sure that the backlight strobing option is activated occasionally, mainly in fast-paced games.

Gaming Performance of AOPEN 27ML1U

If you want to use AOPEN 27ML1U for gaming purposes then it is the best choice for it. You will enjoy the perks of a 27-inches large screen display.

The ultra-quick response time of just 1ms with a refresh rate of 75Hz will produce exceptional results for gaming.

This monitor has a 1440P resolution with an IPS display panel which will provide you with the best colors for the gaming content and wider viewing angles. So you can see the game’s display with great ease of your sitting position. 

It has the AMD FreeSync support feature with blur elimination technology to give you smooth gameplay without any stuttering or screen tearing effects.

Performance with Movie Content

AOPEN 27ML1U is the best choice for movies content. It has a large screen size with a higher value of screen resolution that will ultimately give you a higher pixel density.

Pixel density is responsible for providing you with the best image and display quality. You will enjoy the best movies content wholeheartedly.

This Monitor has an sRGB support of 100%. So you will get superb quality. You do not feel any intermix of colors and blur view.

Connectivity options in AOPEN 27ML1U

When you will set the AOPEN 27ML1U monitor screen in your gaming setup or occasionally in any other setup then you will definitely be in need of an external connection.

You have to connect games controllers externally for the games competitions. On the other hand, you have to connect sound types of equipment, computers accessories or other much required external gadgets.

The AOPEN 27ML1U is well equipped with 2 HDMI, 1 Display port, 1Audio out, and 1 Audio in ports. You can easily use the multimedia advantages through the HDMI ports available.

It will be a great advantage in presence of a display port for the connection video source to the monitor screen.

You can significantly enjoy the sound quality of content through external speakers or headphones through the audio output.

You will get the perks of audio input connectivity options for the connecting external audio device. You can use the device to record or modify the audio data.

Eyecare Technology

Eyecare technology is a much-needed feature for every user, mainly for those who have long-time usage of monitor screens for gaming or other purposes.

You will get adverse eyesight effects and eye strain while using the monitor screen for many hours. So you will definitely be in need of built-in eyecare technology to reduce the drastic effects of blue light or other dangerous rays.

Eye care technology can be added in multiway. There are a few prominent eyecare technologies are like a blue light filter, flicker-free technology, visionCare, and many more advanced technologies are there.

You will get the blue light filter and flicker-free built-in eyecare technologies in the AOPEN 27ML1U monitor screen.

You will feel no headache or eye strain with long usage of the AOPEN 27ML1U monitor screen.

Sound Quality of AOPEN 27ML1U

You cannot enjoy at all the display of content without the best suitable sound quality. You will get true exposure to the content with a combination of audio and video.

So you definitely don’t want to miss the presence of integrated sound gadgets in the AOPEN 27ML1U monitor screen. We are happy to tell you that AOPEN 27ML1U has two built-in speakers for each 2W.

So you don’t need to spend an extra budget to buy external speakers for better sound quality. AOPEN 27ML1U has integrated speakers of superb quality with no distortions. 

You will have full command over volume control. It will be a prominent feature for your gaming as well as for other video content.

Users Reviews of AOPEN 27ML1U

AOPEN 27ML1U is the star performer according to more than 60% of users. On Amazon, users gave it the higher rating point.

The maximum number of users are more satisfied than their expectations from this product. Only 4% of users think that it is not actually performing according to their expectations. 

So, it is the better choice according to most of the users. 


If you can compromise the medium-range refresh rate of 75Hz then the AOPEN 27ML1U monitor screen with other multiple permanent features will produce outstanding results for you.

AOPEN 27ML1U can be used as an allrounder device for gaming, office use, or any other in-between subject. If you have found our AOPEN 27ML1U Review helpful, let us know in the comments.

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