AOPEN 32HC5QR Review (2022)


Welcome to the most detailed AOPEN 32HC5QR Review of the year which is one of the most popular AOPEN monitors. We will look at all features and measure key performance areas. This review is the result of days of research and testing.

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  • Screen Size: 32inch
  • Display Type: LED
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • EYE Care Technology: Yes
  • Response Time: 5 ms
  • Refresh Rate: 165Hz
  • Panel Type: VA
  • Viewing angles: 145/145
  • Free-Sync: Yes
  • Speakers: Yes 

Our Verdict

The AOPEN 32HC5QR is overall a good deal in the affordable budget range. You can mainly use it for gaming purposes due to its ultra-sharp refresh rate. It will perform excellently without any motion blur or screen tearing effects in fast-paced gaming due to the AMD FreeSync feature. It will be a beneficial asset in your setup with rich features and a low price range.

  • Height adjustments feature
  • Ultra-high contrast ratio.
  • Built-in speakers are available.
  • Ultra-high refresh rate.
  • Tilt it at an angle.
  • It has a 1500R curvature.
  • HDR support is not available.
  • The low pixel density of only 69ppi.

Important Factors for AOPEN 32HC5QR Review

We have considered 10 important factors and aspects to give you our verdict. Days have been spent on coming up with an in-depth review.

1-AOPEN (32HC5QR) Design attractions

The AOPEN 32HC5QR has a quite stylish outlook with thin bezels of only 7mm with an appropriate cost range.

You can only get the product in black color. There is no other choice for product color. You will not find any kind of labels or stickers on the front side to distract you during gameplay or the messy screen look you don’t want.

The product has a pure simple design without any pretentious decoration. You will only see a company name inscription on the back of the product.

You will get a simple power supply cable in the accessories for better usage.

The AOPEN 32HC5QR has a vertical metal-based stand, on which you can adjust the monitor screen. 

You have to take care of the monitor surroundings that any kind of unintentional activity can cause a fall down of the monitor screen.

There is a VESA compatibility option is also available. So you can easily mount the monitor screen on the wall. In this way, you can save the lot space on the table for placing any other kind of necessary equipment related to your working setup.

You cannot get only a little height adjustment advantage and tilting the monitor screen at an angle is limited. 

2-AOPEN 32HC5QR Image Quality

The AOPEN 32HC5QQR will reflect an excellent image quality with relatively better color saturation and a peak level of screen brightness. You will feel more smooth results in image quality.

You will not find any type of glare on the screen. Even in the gameplay of fast-paced games, you will not find any lag or flash-like moments with appropriate frames per second.

This monitor screen has a VA display panel, so you will not get wider viewing angles like IPS. You may find some color quality or low image results from sides angle.

The color quality of the built-in VA panel is better but not outstanding like an IPS display panel.

3-AOPEN Product Performance

The AOPEN 32HC5QR is equipped with a large screen size of 32-inches which is best for gaming as well as for movies and sports.

The monitor screen has the appropriate response time and ultra-sharp refresh rate of 165Hz. So you will not find any lag in the performance during fast-paced games.

The AOPEN 32HC5QR has a peak brightness of 300cd/m2. So you will not feel any inconvenience in a brighter or sunny room.

The AOPEN 32HC5QR is well equipped with the AMD FreeSync feature. You can achieve the maximum refresh rate with the help of the FreeSync feature. You will not get any motion blur or screen tearing effects.

4-AOPEN 32HC5QR Gaming Performance

When you will play games then definitely want to see each and every scene of the game around you. So the AOPEN 32HC5QR monitor with a curved design will provide you with the best gaming experience while everything is just around you.

It has a higher refresh rate of 165Hz to provide you with an exceptional gaming experience. You will not feel any ghosting or tearing effects.

It has no issue at all regarding the dead pixels. You will get a better flicker-free and crispy display for gaming.

The response time of the monitor although not ultra-quick. But with the combination of a higher refresh rate, will boost the gaming performance of the product.

5-AOPEN 32HC5QR Movies Expereince

With a large 32-inch screen size and 1080p resolution, it is an awesome device for watching movies. But if you want to watch movies with a group of friends, it won’t provide good results because of narrow viewing angles. It is best suited for watching movies in bright rooms and sunny rooms because it has 300 cd/m2 peak brightness.

Control Panel of AOPEN 32HC5QR

You can also control the functions of the AOPEN 32HC5QR without a remote control. There are manual buttons options available on the backside of the monitor screen.

As there is no written guidance available on the buttons, you may find some difficulty using them for control every time.

6-Connectivity Options in AOPEN 32HC5QR

The external connectivity option is much needed for every monitor screen. The connectivity options are more required in the monitor used for gaming purposes.

There are multiple external connectivity options like 2 HDMI, one display port and a single audio output port is available on the backside of the monitor screen.

The direction of the ports is towards down so you will feel some difficulty while attaching an external gadget. 

7-AOPEN 32HC5QR Eyecare Technology

You cannot use a display device without built-in eyecare technology. Eyecare technology is the much desired built-in feature due to the extensive use of electronic devices.

There is a Blue lighter filter technology is built-in for better screen interaction. You will not feel strain due to the blue light emission. The blue light filters will totally eliminate the effects of the dangerous blue light. 

8-Sound Quality of AOPEN 32HC5QR

The AOPEN 32HC5QR has two built-in speakers to give you a better quality of sound. You cannot enjoy the games or video content without much-needed assistance with audio. 

The built-in speakers in the monitor screen will definitely enhance your gaming, movies, or sports-watching experience with the appropriate combination of video and audio.

9- User Reviews & Views

AOPEN 32HC5QR has a very high rating on Amazon and another platform which proves its worth. It has been reviewed by more than 1000 people with a positive rating. It is indeed one of the best in this budget for gaming and watching movies.

10- Expert Opinions

I researched the opinion of various experts on the Web and YouTube about the AOPEN monitor and I found a consensus that the monitor does fairly well in gaming and movies. In sum, it provides the best value for money.


So this was our AOPEN 32HC5QR Review. Hope after reading this article you will be able to make a better decision.

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