Do VIZIO smart TVs have Bluetooth? 2 Ways to Uncover


If you just bought the Vizio smart TV or want to buy the Vizio smart TV and wondering whether do Vizio smart Tvs have Bluetooth or not? We have got you covered. 

We analyzed all the VIZIO smart TVs ever made (50+ models) and found that all the VIZIO smart TVs have Bluetooth. But there is some nuance. Vizio smart TVs are compatible with only low-energy Bluetooth devices. Low energy Bluetooth is the same feature as compared to regular Bluetooth but it has low energy consumption. The range and other aspects are almost the same but low energy Bluetooth is not compatible with every device.

We are giving you the most authentic answer after reviewing 50+ Vizio, smart TV models. 

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Do VIZIO smart TVs have Bluetooth

How Do You Know Vizio Smart TVs have Bluetooth compatibility?

There are multiple ways to check your Vizio smart TV Bluetooth compatibility.

You can check the Bluetooth capabilities by checking the specific models’ specifications on google. There you can get the whole picture of the product’s prominent features.

You can also consult the user’s manual for the verification of product features, specifically for the Bluetooth aspect.

It is also easy to do that you can go to the settings of the product and check the product’s built-in capabilities.

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How can you avail the perks of connecting external devices?

There are two options for you to connect the external devices with Vizio smart Tv. If you want to connect a low-energy Bluetooth device to your Vizio Smart Tv then you can easily do it in a few steps by turning ON Bluetooth from Vizio Smart Tv. 

But if you want to connect a high-energy Bluetooth device to your Vizio smart TV then there are two suitable ways available for you.

The first method is to buy a Bluetooth transmitter. Then connect this Bluetooth transmitter to Vizio smart TV port and make it fully Bluetooth compatible.

The other method is not wireless but you can connect the external device like soundbars or speakers by connecting directly into the Audio out port.

How to enable Vizio smart TV Bluetooth for external connection?

There is a certain procedure and a few prerequisites for connecting a low-energy Bluetooth device to your Vizio Smart Tv. 

You have to download the Vizio smart cast app at the start. Then you can proceed further for making a feasible connection of your low energy device with Vizio smart TV through Bluetooth.

Step1: first you have to download a smart cast app from the app store.

Step2: Then you should open the app and make an account in the app. You can use it as a guest without making an account as well.

Step3: Now you have to add the desired device to the list of Vizio smart TV, then choose that one device from the list and the Bluetooth connection between that device and Vizio smart tv is ready.

Step4: Now your device-installed app of the smart cast can be used as a remote control for you as well.

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List of devices that can be connected through Bluetooth.

There are few devices that are low energy and can be connected directly to the Vizio smart TV through Bluetooth means.

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • iPad

List of devices that cannot be connected directly through Bluetooth.

  • Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Soundbars
  • Playstations 
  • Gaming controllers

Vizio Smart TV Models which are considered for compatibility check.

Vizio v505-j09YesCheck price
Vizio D40f-J,YesCheck price
Vizio D24F-G1YesCheck price
Vizio M6 series,YesCheck price
Vizio V505-H19,YesCheck price
Vizio D24H-G9,YesCheck price
Vizio V435-J0,YesCheck price
Vizio D40F-J09YesCheck price
Vizio D-series 32-inches,YesCheck price
Vizio D32H-F1YesCheck price
Vizio V-series,YesCheck price
Vizio E32-c1,YesCheck price
Vizio D55x-G1,YesCheck price
Vizio D-series 24-inches,YesCheck price


So again, I sum up the naswer to “Do VIZIO Smart TVs have bluetooth?”. Vizio smart TVs are partially compatible with Bluetooth connectivity. You can only connect low-energy Bluetooth devices through the built-in Bluetooth feature. 

The built-in Bluetooth feature is not compatible with high-energy Bluetooth devices like headphones, soundbars, or speakers. So you need to buy an external Bluetooth transmitter for making its Bluetooth functionality fully compatible with every kind of device.

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