Do Sharp smart TVs have Bluetooth? 2 Easy Methods


If you want to know do Sharp smart TVs have Bluetooth compatibility, then you are at the right place.

We have done extensive research on multiple models of Sharp smart TV (40+) to provide you with a helpful and authentic answer.

Yes, Sharp smart TVs have Bluetooth compatibility but in very few of their TVs models. You will not find each and every model of Sharp smart TV with built-in Bluetooth compatibility. We have made lists of Sharp smart TVs models that are Bluetooth compatible and also a list of non-compatible models. So you can pick any of them with other required and necessary features.

We have also reviewed the best smart TVs with bluetooth you might want to check.

Do Sharp smart TVs have Bluetooth

Easy Method to Know whether Sharp Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

There are multiple smart techniques and checks, which will indicate the presence of Bluetooth in your Sharp smart TVs.

If the external packing of your Sharp smart Tv has the picture of a Bluetooth icon with other smart features then your Sharp smart TV has Bluetooth compatibility.

If you are able to see the integrated Bluetooth ICON or the sticker of the Bluetooth icon on the front side of your sharp smart TV screen then it will definitely have Bluetooth compatibility.

If your Sharp smart TV has Bluetooth compatibility then its remote definitely has the Bluetooth icon.

You can take help from Google as well for the verification of Sharp smart TVs’ Bluetooth compatibility. 

The user’s manual of the Sharp smart tv also has guidelines about checking Bluetooth compatibility.

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Steps to Follow for Enabling Sharp Smart TVs Bluetooth for External Connection.

There are certain steps involved in connecting any external Bluetooth-compatible device through Bluetooth with Sharp smart TVs.

Step1: The first thing which you have to do is turn the external device into pairing mode.

Step 2: Now you can press the menu button from the Sharp smart TVs remote.

Step 3: Now click on the setup option and then Go to settings.

Step 4: Now click on the Bluetooth setting option frthe om Settings menu.

Step 5: Then click on the Enable Bluetooth.

Step 6: Now click on the search for the pairing device option.

Step 7: Click on the desired external device from the list.

You have made a useful connection between the Sharp smart TV and external device through Bluetooth.

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Sharp Smart TVs Models with Bluetooth Compatibility.

Sharp 70DN6EAYesCheck price
Sharp 70DN5EAYesCheck price
Sharp 70CL6EAYesCheck price
Sharp 70CL5EAYesCheck price
Sharp 65DN4EA YesCheck price
Sharp 65DN3EAYesCheck price
Sharp 65DN2EAYesCheck price
Sharp 49DL2EAYesCheck price
Sharp 65DL4EAYesCheck price
Sharp 65DL3EA YesCheck price
Sharp 55DJ4EYesCheck price
Sharp 70DJ3EYesCheck price
Sharp 65DJ2EYesCheck price
Sharp 55BN5EAYesCheck price
Sharp  65BL5EAYesCheck price
Sharp 55BN2EAYesCheck price
Sharp 65BL3EAYesCheck price
Sharp 50BJ2EEYesCheck price
Sharp 43BL2EAYesCheck price

Sharp Smart TVs Models without Bluetooth Compatibility.

There are several models from Sharp smrt TVs which are coming without Built-in Bluetooth compatibility. It is observed that most of the aquos series of the Sharp smart TVs which are not compatible with Bluetooth. 

Here are few series of the Sharp smart TVs which are not compatible with Built-in Bluetooth.

  • Sharp LE757
  • Sharp LC-LE657U
  • Sharp 50LE650U
  • Sharp LE550U
  • Sharp LE945 series
  • Sharp LE847 series
  • Sharp LE540 series
  • Sharp LE745 series
  • Sharp LE835 series
  • Sharp LE735 series
  • Sharp LE810 series
  • Sharp LE820 series
  • Sharp LE620 series
  • Sharp LE700 series

How to Make Sharp Smart TVs Useful without Built-in Bluettooth Compatibility?

If you have Sharp smart TV which is not compatible with Bluetooth then you can make Bluetoth compatible partially or fully through specific methods.

You can buy an external transmitter , then connect it in the port of Sharp smart TV for full Bluetooth compatibility.

You can download the smartcast app to make the Smart TV partially compatible with Bluetooth.


So here is the answer to do Sharp smart tvs have bluetooth? All the Sharp smart TVs are not equipped with Bluetooth. So you can’t pick any of them by assuming its Bluetooth compatibility feature.

You can take advantage of the lists given in the article for choosing a particular product. You can make the device full Bluetooth compatible with a Bluetooth transmitter. You can choose the specific one according to your requirements.

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