Is 75hz monitor good for gaming? (Solved)


Lots of people ask “Is 75Hz monitor good for gaming?“. I am into gaming since childhood and had the opportunity to try monitors from 60Hz to 240 Hz. Therefore, I am in position to give you an answer.

75 Hz monitor is good for casual and console gaming becuase most games are 60 FPS, but for compeitive gaming it is always better to go with higher refresh rate of at least 144Hz. In general, you can play all of the PC games without any problems.

I have summed up my answer to the question “Is 75hz good enough for gaming?” But now I would like to dig a bit deeper to explain some nuances and variables, so stay connected and keep reading.

Is 75hz monitor good for gaming

What Does “Hz” Refer To?

Before going into detail answer of is 75hz good for gaming, let’s get the basics right. “Hz” or Hertz is a unit of frequency. This refers to “the number of cycles per second”. In the scenario of display screens, we call hz; Refresh rate. The monitor refreshes several times in a second before displaying the next image. Those multiple attempts of your monitor refreshing itself are measured in terms of refresh rate.

That was for the defining part.

The importance of refresh rate can be assumed with this reason that it impacts the graphics of your monitor. With increased refresh rate, your monitor displays smoother images. Another massive benefit of refresh rate is that it avoids the distraction originated with screen tearing for its users. So you can concentrate more on your work or gaming. A 75hz refresh rate is better than 60hz as it refreshes 75 display images in a second. And helps to manage your screen display accurate for gaming. 75hz has an impressive impact on the gameplay.

Advantages of 75hz refresh rate monitor

Besides all the benefits, we have talked about earlier, there are three major advantages of a 75hz refresh rate. These 3 advantages make 75hz good enough for gaming.

75 Hz for Viewing

If you are using a 60hz monitor that means by switching to a 75hz monitor, you can experience a noticeable change in refresh rate. This will improve your visual elements and their appearing speed. Which means inclusion of more frames to your display. And that has an impressive impact on visual quality as well.

75 Hz for Scrolling

Faster, improved and much smoother visual images make scrolling more better. The speed of the image appearance can make the screen look improved and swiftly smooth.

With a 75hz monitor, the chances of a smooth scrolling increase with a figure of 15 percent from the 60hz monitor comparatively. It offers a better understanding of displayed visuals.

75 Hz for FPS

FPS is frames per second and it measures frame rate.It should not be confused with refresh rate. As fps ahs nothing to do with the monitor itself. It depends on the software, media, graphic card and CPU that you are using.

The refresh rate and frame rate work together to improve your gaming experience and visual quality of elements. The monitor of a good resolution paired with a CPU or a graphic card that produces a reduced frame rate will certainly infer in a worst experience with both work projects as well as gaming.

75 Hz for Gaming

First things first, If you are finding a budget-freindly gaming monitor and want to know whether 75hz is good enough for competitive gaming or not. Then certainly it’s the ideal choice for sticking straight to your need and budget. The 75hz refresh rate keeps your head up over those gamers who use a device with less resolution. If your FPS count ( frames per second) is any thing less than 75 then a 75hz monitor is budget-freindly and good for you. It will provide you with less input lag and certainly you’ll be able to react and outperform more swiftly.

Is 75hz good for competitive gaming?

75hz is not at all expensive and it can run whole gameplay smoothly. As higher refresh rates makes a gaming experience more impressive, so if you can afford than 144hz monitor will be better. But best gaming monitors have higher refresh rate.

You can read our review of best gaming monitors under $300 here.

The 75hz resolution monitor has improve video quality and improved visual effects. It also had less or reduced eye strain. It offers a perfect balance between refresh rate and image quality. And most importantly, it’s budget-freindly.

Is 75hz good for casual & console gaming?

The most preferable option for a 75hz computer is basic or casual gaming. It works perfectly for casual gaming experience. Similarly a 75hz is the best monitor for console gaming.For instance, Fortnite demands only 60FPS that is under 75hz refresh rate. So you can play fortnite on your PS4, PS5, X-box easily. 75hz will be more than enough for such basic game.

Another game, Call of duty can be easily played on a 75hz monitor especially on PS4 that caps at 60FPS. But the same game needs an upgrade to least 100hz to be played on PC, PS5 or X-box series X. So, the recommended option is to upgrade to atleast 120hz monitor before this gaming plan.

All the first person shooter games like Warzone can be played at 75hz. However, If you want more smooth experience than it’s good to have a higher strength CPU and GPU with upgraded resolutions. That’s why, nothing can beat 144hz in competitive gaming.


I hope after reading this article you will never ask again “Is 75hz monitor good for gaming“. And yet we have come to this conclusion that a 75hz monitor is good for casual or basic gaming but to experience more high resolution and enhanced visual quality one should look up to 120hz to 144hz monitor. The 75hz are not expensive at all and are budget-freindly as well. But if you want to upgrade more to 144hz than that might be costly

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