Projector vs Monitor Eye Strain: Which is best for eyes?


When it comes to projector vs monitor eye strain, projectors are winners. If you are suffering from eye strain due to monitors, projectors might give you a sense of relief. Projectors are better for eye strain due to their bigger screen size, low blue light, reflected light, and built-in eye safety! 

But projectors can’t replace monitors altogether. So you need to go with eye-friendly monitors. Luckily, here you can get the list of best monitors for eye strain.

Projector vs Monitor Eye Strain

Projector vs Monitor Eye Strain Important Factors

When we compare projector vs monitor for eye strain, a few factors play a critical role. Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

1-Direct vs Reflected Light for Eyes

When it comes to monitors vs projectors for eyes, the main difference is the direct vs reflected light. 

When you stare at a monitor screen, it emits the light which will directly penetrate into your eyes. It is like looking at the source of light like a bulb or the sun. 

But when you are using a projector, the light that comes to your eyes is reflected light. And this is how we look at things naturally. We see things as reflected light.

Now the direct light is more intense and harmful for your eyes than the less intense reflected light of the projector. As a result, you will have less risk of eye strain with projectors.

Projector vs Monitor Eye Strain

2-Projectors Limits the Blue light

First things first, blue light is the main culprit of your eyes. It has been established by many researchers that blue light (400nm-500nm) causes eye strain. 

Unfortunately, monitors whether LCD or LED-based emit harmful blue light. And sadly, the blue light intensity is usually 415-455nm which can damage the eye. As a result, over time you may develop eye strain, blurred vision, and headache.

On the other hand, projectors reduce the blue light reaching your eyes. Thus, we are relatively safe from blue lights with projectors. 

3- Larger Screen 

This is another reason that makes projectors eye-friendly. Projectors usually have large screens as compared to bigger monitors. And it matters for your eyes. It is always more comfortable to view on a large screen. This feels easy and more natural on the eyes than staring at a small screen.

4- Longer Distance

It is well known that the closer you are to a screen, the more risk of eye strain and damage. You have to keep a minimum distance of 12 to 14 inches from the monitor. But in the case of projectors, distances are in feet. This is better for your eye health. 

Safety features for eye strain

These days most projectors have built-in eye safety features. For example, when you get sufficiently close to the lens of the projector, it will automatically turn off the projector to protect your eyesight. 

Final Words

I hope now you know everything about projector vs monitor eye strain. Projectors are safer for the eyes than monitors. Therefore, we should make every conscious effort to use projectors for movies and other multimedia uses. Our eyesight is precious and we should take due care of our eyes.  Projector features such as reflected light, low blue light, bigger screen size, and long distances make it suitable to reduce eye strain.


Is the projector better for your eyes?

Yes, the projector is better for the eyes as compared to the monitor due to low blue light, reflected light, larger screen size, longer distance, and comfortable viewing.

Are projected images easier on the eyes?

Since projected images have reflected light while monitor and TV images have direct light, therefore projected images are better for your eyes. The reflected light from projected images is less intense and has a low level of blue light due to which it is easy on the eyes.

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