How to reduce tv glare? 10+ Ideas


If you want to know how to reduce TV glare, you are at the right place. TV glare occurs in rooms with a lot of lights or large windows where the light directly comes on your TV screen, you might face reflection and glare on the TV screen. This makes the viewing experience very annoying and also causes eye strain. 

reduce tv glare

10+ Ideas to Reduce TV Glare

If you are facing glare on your TV screen, read this article to know  10+  actionable ideas to reduce TV glare. 

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1-Try  Changing TV Location

This is a very obvious way to avoid glare but might not be implementable due to room layout and space constraints. You need to decide what is the cause of the glare. Are these room lights or the light from a window. If room lights are causing glare, you need to set up the TV in such a location where lights are behind the TV and not in front of the TV. 

Similarly, if the window lights are causing reflection, you should place them away from the window wall or corner. 

2- Using Lighting Intelligently 

The best method to reduce glare on the TV is playing with lighting. There are a number of ways you can use lighting to reduce glare

1-  You can put a lamp above or behind the TV. This way you can reduce glare.

2- You can use smart lights to control your room lighting while watching TV. You can switch off and on certain lights.

3- You can use a dimmer bulb instead of a regular bulb to reduce glare from the light. 

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3- Changing the Orientation of the TV

Another method to reduce glare is to change the orientation of your TV. This method works best if your TV is wall-mounted and your TV mount allows tilt and swivel motion. 

1- Tilting Your TV

If your TV is wall-mounted and light sources that are causing reflection are either on the ceiling above or opposite to the TV,  you can tilt your TV up and down, you will notice that it can eliminate reflection from lights on the opposite wall or ceiling bulbs.

 2- Swivel 

Similarly, if glare is due to side windows and your TV mount allows swivel,  you can turn the TV from one side to another until the glare vanishes. These two simple tricks can considerably reduce glare.  

4-Anti Glare Films, Protectors, and Screen

1-TV Glare Film

You can also use Anti Glare films to reduce the glare and handle reflection. You can get various types of anti-glare films and screen protectors from Amazon for your TV that will help reduce glare.

You can also get a DIY anti-glare screen that you can easily apply yourself at your home.

 Actually, TVs have finished glossy screen that reflects light like a mirror. Until glare films will give a matte finish and diffuse the light. This way they can help reduce glare.

 Remember, these films can just reduce the glare and not eliminate it completely. Therefore, choose a TV glare film or protector after deep research and reading customer reviews. Because many TV glare films and protectors don’t do what they advertise. 

Similarly, you can use Anti-glare screen protectors and sprays as well.

5- Screen Settings to Reduce Glare on TV

You can also reduce glare by applying a suitable screen setting. To reduce the glare you need to increase brightness and contrast until you see a visible difference. 

6- How to Reduce Glare From Windows (140)

If the glare on your TV screen comes from the window light. You can do a couple of things to avoid the glare. While using curtains or blinds will give you the most effective results.  

But if you are looking for some innovative methods so your room does not get dark. I would recommend applying tinted Window film to reduce glare on tv. This will reduce the light from your window by up to 25%. It means your room won’t get too dark and you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

7- How to Reduce TV Glare Outside

If you are having glare and reflection issues outside on your patio, I guess you have indoor TV that you are using indoors. And I also suppose you don’t want to buy a new outdoor TV. 

In this case, you have very few options to reduce the glare. Indoor TVs are not capable to handle sunlight glare. You need put shades around the TV. You also need to apply an Anti-glare TV film. 

This will reduce TV glare a bit. But there is no solid solution so far that completely reduces outdoor glare. You better get an outdoor TV. If you can’t afford to buy an Outdoor TV, we have a buying guide on the best Indoor TVs for outdoor

8- How to Stop Glare on TV in Conservatory

You can stop glare on TV conservatory in multiple ways. First, you can implement tinted window films on your conservatory glass windows which will reduce sunlight as well as heat. 

Second, you can use blinds and pull the blinds on particular areas which are causing reflection on the TV screen.

Third, If you want to put a TV in your conservatory, make sure you get an outdoor TV. Outdoor TVs are designed to reduce glare and handle reflection well. They can also be brighter than indoor TVs.

9- -Best TVs to Reduce Glare

Certain TVs can handle glare and reflections much better than others. These TVs are mostly QLEDs with high peak brightness and a matte finish. While OLED TVs are worst for glare handling. Therefore, if you want to buy an Anti-Glare TV always go with QLED TVs with a matte finish. 

We have reviewed the top 10 best TVs for bright rooms to reduce glares. Here are the top 4 picks. You can click the link to read our full guide.

1-Samsung QN65 QN90A TV ( Best 65-inches )

2-LG UP8000 TV ( Best by budget)

3-Samsung 65-inch Q90T TV ( Best for bright Room glare)

4-Samsung QN85A QLED TV ( Overall Best TV)


Does Tilting a TV Reduce Glare?

Yes, Tilting a TV can reduce glares, especially in wall-mounted TVs where glare is due to lights. Because glare occurs due to the reflection of lights. If you tilt the TV up or down the light reflection might disappear. Similarly, if your TV mounting allows swivel, you can adjust the angle to find the sweet spot where glare is minimum.

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